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Lusinco Electroplating Passivation / Chromates

The purpose of passivations or chromates is to protect zinc or cadmium plated surfaces and in some cases zinc base die castings, from corrosion, so that their main task of sacrificial protection to steel is not reduced.

There are several main causes of corrosion.  In conditions of high humidity and high ambient temperature, particularly where there is condensation, zinc and cadmium form a white or red corrosion product on their surfaces, called "white or red rust".

Passivated coatings increase the resistance of zinc and cadmium against these types of corrosion and thus extend consideerably the life of the basis metal.

Passivations can come in the following color variations:  Clear, Blue, Yellow, Black and Olive Drab (which offers the best corrosion protection).

Lusinco Electroplating Gold 24ct

Gold is unique with its yellow color.  Gold is a precious metal which means that it will not oxidize in air, so it's electrical conductivity stays uniform over long periods of time.  Gold plating offers good corrosion resistance, good solderability and when alloyed with cobalt, it has very good wear resistance.  Gold is commonly used in the jewellery, costmetic, engineering, aerospace and scientific industries.