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Lusinco Electroplating Cadmium

Cadmium is a silver white matal with excellent corrosion resistance.  The metal is harder than tin, but may be cut with a knife.  In tropical and marine conditions cadmium will form a basic chloride on the surface which prevents further attack.  For this reason cadmium is widely used in service and seagoing equipment.  The resistance of cadmium to corrosive conditions is further increased by the use of post-plating passivation processes available in clear or yellow.

Cadmium is unaffected by alkalis and can be used in machinery that comes into contact soap, washing powder, industrial & domestic cleaners.  Cadmium is used in electrical and aircraft industries, due to its low contact potential difference in relation to alumunium.  Cadmium cannot be electroplated unto articles that comes into contact with foodstuffs or drinking water, because of its toxic nature.